Microsoft Teams busy light system

3 important reasons to invest in a Microsoft Teams busy light system

If your business makes and receives a large volume of phone calls then interruptions are not only annoying but are actually having a negative effect on your bottom line. Interruptions are counterproductive and make you feel like you weren’t able to accomplish as much as you could have.

If you want to reduce the amount of interruptions your employees experience while they’re on phone calls, consider investing in a Microsoft Teams busy light system. This equipment links with your existing Microsoft Teams software so it doesn’t require any additional training or set-up.

Naturally, you care about your business and making sure that inefficient interruptions are kept to the absolute minimum. Minimising workplace interruptions is a crucial element of maximising your productivity, and in turn, your profitability.

We all know that headsets are an awesome tool for salespeople, call centre workers, administrators and anyone else that needs to make and answer business related calls. The only problem with headsets is that there’s no way to know if someone is actively using it to listen to a phone call or is just wearing it.

This leads to lots of awkward office moments where one employee interrupts another while they’re on a phone call, potentially ruining a sale. This is because, while it’s easy to tell if someone is use a landline or mobile phone, the hands-free nature of a headset means it’s hard to tell when it’s being used.

While employees could always take off their headsets between calls, this is inconvenient and actually defeats the purpose of them using a headset in the first place. The whole point of having your team using headsets is to cut down on wasted time between calls and allow them to use their hands while talking to clients or business partners.

A Microsoft Teams busy light indicator system allows your colleagues to instantly understand whether or not you’re available to talk. Similar to a street traffic light, a Microsoft Teams busy light activates when you make or receive a call, letting others around you know when it’s ok to solicit you with their request.

Let’s take a brief look at some of the key benefits of using a Microsoft Teams busy light system in your office.

1: Boost productivity

The biggest and best benefit of a Microsoft Teams busy light system is that it ensures that your co-workers don’t interrupt you or each other while in a call or occupied with some other important task. The highest quality Microsoft Teams busy light system will have multiple colour settings that allow you to easily communicate to others that you are either on a call, busy on a specific task or are available to talk.

It can be incredibly frustrating to be interrupted by a co-worker who is in their own little world and fails to comprehend what you’re trying to do. These interruptions not only jeopardise important business calls but also affect your workflow and motivation throughout the rest of the work day.

When you invest in a Microsoft Teams busy light indicator, you are able to remove the potential of these annoying interruptions by letting your colleagues now, subtly, that you are too busy to be distracted.

2: Maintain close focus on the task at hand

Another major benefit of using a Microsoft Teams busy light indicator is that it gives you peace of mind knowing that you won’t (or at least shouldn’t) be interrupted by your co-workers. This means you can really dedicate yourself fully to the phone call without checking over your shoulder to make sure no wide-eye intern is approaching you with an urgent question.

3: Enhance phone service

A Microsoft Teams busy light indicator is also an investment in your client service outcomes. No interruptions means your clients are getting 100% attention from your employees and this can only lead to higher rates of client satisfaction.