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4 benefits of owning a gas water heater

Hot water cylinder, whether you live in a country with the Winter of Canada or the milder, somewhat warmer climate of Sydney, can be the difference between spending your night shivering sitting in the sitting room watching your favourite reality show to sitting comfortably in your toasty apartment. With no fireplace, a gas water heater can be your best option. So why is a water heater powered by gas better than other heaters on the market?


  1. Cheaper


Gas is usually cheaper than electricity. This obviously depends on where you live but investing in a gas water device can be a sure-fire way to savings in the long run. Gas water heaters are tankless, so it doesn’t waste energy keeping water warm. Without excess electricity being used to heat the water, you will notice a difference in the long-run, when it comes to paying your bills. They warm purely on a need to use basis. So, when you turn the tap on, you will have hot water immediately which can provide water for a standard home all day. No more waiting for the kettle to boil or the water to heat up for you to take a shower. What’s not to like?


  1. Environment


Because your gas water heater is tankless, you will be conserving energy and protecting the future of the planet, you’ll be saving both money and the planet at the same time. As water heaters that use gas are a newer technology they will have been built with the environment in mind and will have a high green star energy rating, so you will be safe in the knowledge that you are doing your bit for the future of the planet.


  1. Space


A gas water heater because it’s tankless can fit nearly anywhere in your house. They are compact and can be installed in counters in your kitchen if that’s what you want. Gone are the days of needing a cupboard to store an old-fashioned tank to heat water, which not only took up excess space but was expensive to run. Gas water appliances are new, sleek in design and use cutting edge technology to improve not only performance but also aesthetics.


  1. Clean


Gas water heaters work to heat water as it passes through them. While most water tanks are quite old and contain nasty limescale deposits that you don’t want to see floating in your drinking water, gas water heaters don’t hold water so there is no germ or bacteria build-up, making them much safer.


There are disadvantages to using heaters that aren’t powered by electricity too. While gas water heaters can use up to 50% less energy, they can be expensive to install. Installation costs can run into the hundreds of dollars, but most users are happy that savings will be made in the long run. Moreover, some smaller units cannot be used simultaneously to heat different taps which is an inconvenience for larger homes. Larger water appliances can cost a lot more to buy, install, and run.


It’s said that 25% of your home energy’s costs are spent on heating water, so it is important to weigh up the potential advantages and disadvantages of having a gas water heater in your house. Maintenance, set up costs, the environment and longevity are all factors to consider and should weigh on your mind when deciding whether to install one. But take it from me once you choose, you will wonder how you ever lived without it, instant hot water doesn’t seem like it can change your life but it can and it will!