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Activities to Boost Healthy Lifestyle

Sometimes it can seem like a lot of effort just to try and improve your lifestyle in search of a healthy wellbeing. The fact of the matter is that whilst everything requires effort, it doesn’t take a lot to improve wellbeing in a short space of time. Diet plays a large part of it but that is an at home task. Increasing daily exercise is a crucial step in boosting a healthy lifestyle.

There are a lot of lunchtime and after work exercise classes and groups that require little effort – some can even be fun, like social dance classes in Sydney. It doesn’t even have to be a class either. Going for a run at lunch time or going to the gym are both easy ways to improve health. Here are a few activities that can help to boost a healthy lifestyle with little effort and a bit of fun.


Running Group

Running at lunchtime or after work can be boring. It’s lonely and it feels like it goes on forever. By joining a running group, it takes the boredom out of it and allows it to become a more social event.

There are a number of running groups that can be signed up to, and many offices have them nowadays too, but it’s also just as easy to start your own. This allows for the group to be close friends and makes it more fun.

This activity also doesn’t have to last very long. A simple 20 minute run will suffice 2-3 times a week whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle outside of these sessions.


Social Dance Classes

Dancing is a great way to get fit and can often be an excuse to try something new with friends whilst getting a great exercise kick out of it too. These social dance classes are often on in the evenings and are a great way to meet people whilst getting in some quality exercise.

The benefit of dancing is that not only are you getting a workout, but there is the opportunity to improve your dancing skills.



Going to the gym is a good way of combining cardio and resistance training and can provide a good balance of intensity. The gym provides a wide range of options as to the choice of exercise that is going to be completed. Many gyms also offer a wide range of classes from pilates to yoga to functional fitness meaning that there is the opportunity to try something new every week.

Some people may say that gyms can be expensive and may not be willing pay up and in many cases it is more than understandable. That’s why jungle gyms are so great!

Jungle gyms are becoming more and more popular and are now scattered around the city and suburban parks meaning that they are easily accessible for everyone. These allow for a more rounded exercise and can easily be combined with an urban run too. The beauty of the jungle gym is that you get to experience the outdoors while you work out.


Spin Class

Spin classes are hard work, but often they only go for 30 minutes meaning that that workout is over and done with quickly. The advantages of a spin class is not having to think about the exercise you are going to do that day as all you need to do it turn up. Having a teacher and being surrounded by others is also likely to help push through the tough bits.

Another benefit is that because it’s a class, it’s something that can be done with friends and this often makes it easier to attend because it can be turned into a social outing by getting drinks and/or dinner afterwards.


Walking Group

Similar to the running group, it makes for a great combination of social catch up and exercise. Whilst walking may not be as intense as the other activities mentioned, it can be equally as beneficial for health. Walking groups can take you to beautiful locations and is actually a great way to relax and reduce stress at the end of a long day as well as improving health.


Lunchtime Sport

Another really good way to make exercise fun is through lunchtime sport. A lot of offices often have teams that play making it easily accessible and ensuring that you don’t miss out on work time. It’s a great way to take the mind off of work and properly relax during the lunch break so that productivity is at full potential once everyone returns back to the office.