Modern Digital Marketing Trends That Australian Businesses Should Embrace

Modern Digital Marketing Trends That Australian Businesses Should Embrace

Digital marketing trends follow evolutions and advancements in online technologies that have a knock-on effect to the local economy.


What used to be a conservative and static operating model that saw television, radio and print advertising as king has now transitioned into an adaptive and flexible mechanism.


However, there continues to be reluctance on the part of Australian businesses to genuinely embrace this concept wholeheartedly.


Enterprises in the IT sector and social media sphere understand why this field is so important by necessity, yet dental practices, shopping centres, clothing retail outlets and bowling alleys alike struggle to remain up to date with new trends that are taking place with digital marketing.


So in 2018, what should domestic organisations recognise and appreciate for their own online endeavours?


This will be a discussion on the advancements that are occurring in the best SEO Sydney agency.

Social Storytelling


One of the digital marketing trends that emerged over the past few years is the phenomenon known as “stories.” Crafted by Facebook, Instagram and now included through YouTube, this is a means of enhancing a personal or business profile to present a video or image gallery that illustrates their brand message. Akin to the Snapchat business model, these pieces of content are adapted and utilised within a short timeframe before being discarded for something new. This is a trend to take notice of and tap into for commercial operations because it is a free outlet that helps you add value online.

Smartphone-Driven Video Content


The statistics on smartphone-driven video content are evident for all to see. More video content is viewed with handheld devices than through any other means and when it comes to the niche of digital marketing trends, this is a facet that must be embraced by businesses. Given the advent of applications like Periscope that allows for live video streaming to take place, there are new techniques to package video content and to deliver value for the digital consumer.

Personalise Your Business Brand Content


In years gone by when users would be addressed as “customer” or “friend,” it is refreshing to have operations that personally address clients by name. Digital marketing trends are working in sync with a stronger mode of personalisation across the board where followers are seeking a more intimate experience and an acknowledgment of their personal tastes and requirements.


Studies that have researched this particular technique have deduced that the call to action (CTA) response is greater than leaving the communication blank. The only challenge in this respect is the data mining process to have that information on hand in the first place.



In what might appear a complete contradiction on the personalisation mode, one of the major 2018 digital marketing trends points to the use of chatbots to enhance the user experience. With the assistance of artificial intelligence (AI) playing a role in proceedings, these features allow for real time responses to user questions and feedback, even during instances that are outside of business hours. This is a cost efficient means of tackling the customer service experience without draining resources.

Visual Search


What has become evident with digital marketing trends is the need to transition to visual platforms over written text. Brands must now become as viable on the image tab of search engine platforms as they are on the home pages. Algorithm updates through search engine optimisation (SEO) signals has made that point in past years, but it is a facet that cannot be ignored in the commercial world for 2018 businesses.



The important takeaway for Australian businesses looking to maximise their potential with digital marketing trends is to read updates from trusted sources and to recognise social shifts in the online sphere. By mixing proactive and reactive measures alike, domestic companies can continue to leverage their assets whilst communicating their message through a forum that consumers will engage with.