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Shopping Tips For Page Boy Suits in Sydney

page boy suits in SydneyThe role of the page boy might not be as common as it has been in past eras, but it is still a great way of having a young boy involved in the ceremony of a wedding.

Not to be confused with a page who operates at a hotel, this role as a wedding attendant will entirely depend on how the actual event is organised.

Usually substituting in as a ring bearer or as a bride’s train to uphold the condition of the wedding dress, this role holds a degree of value for certain cultures.

Those city-based couples who do require a young page of 7 years or below will likely be in the market for page boy suits in Sydney if their child is involved in the ceremony.

Whilst on initial perception this is a well defined niche that would not see a lot of competition, there are many wedding outlets and stylists who will cater to this requirement.

The responsibility therefore lies with the parents to source value and to obtain an item of clothing that will fit into the event.

This will not be a piece that will need to be worn regularly and may even be returned upon renting the suit.

So what should you know about this niche and what tips can you glean when scouring the market for the attire of a page boy?

Here we will outline some clever strategies as you examine the options that are available in the city of Sydney.

Price in Mind

Unlike male wedding garments that can cost anywhere between $400 to $4000 retail depending on the brand, the outlet and the fitting requirements, page boy suits in Sydney can be and should be sourced for as little as $40-$50. These neat little outfits are intended to offer a degree of formality to proceedings whilst understanding that children need to feel comfortable in their clothing, especially for an event that extends as long as a wedding.

Should you encounter an outlet that attempts to charge hundreds of dollars for an extravagant piece, walk away immediately. This is a niche where value should be part and parcel of the transaction.

Attire of Other Guests

What are the other guests at the wedding wearing, particularly the male attendants? That can help to define your choice when looking at page boy suits in Sydney. If there is a consistent theme, perhaps there is even opportunity to package together a deal from a retailer. From bow tie styles to light blue coloured ties or basic white shirts, having a degree of consistency can help the final picture.

Easy To Clean

Let’s face facts – children 7 years or younger are likely to get a little messy. Page boy suits in Sydney should be crafted to ensure that spills and stains are not permanently damaging events that force an entirely new purchase. If you speak with a retailer who is offering up options in this respect, opt for one that will be easy on the clean up once the wedding has concluded in earnest.

Warranty and Refund Option?

If you can find a warranty from a purchase or a refund option with page boy suits in Sydney, then you will be insured against any accidents that occur. As we mentioned with the spills and stains, there is potential for something to go awry and as the consumer, you should be covered for any eventuality.


A suit in the store will not necessarily be prepared to fit all body types. Page boy suits in Sydney that offer a fitting service as part of the transaction should be prioritised as prior fitting is an important process to know that there won’t be any final day stresses that take place.

Get Shopping!

Now you know what to look for with pageboy suits in Sydney, it is up to you to find one that ticks all the boxes!