Get out of the kitchen!

A relatively new concept, co-working, is exactly what it sounds like, working with others. Workspace floors are filled with desks, much like a student library, with access to power and internet. There are usually meeting rooms, phone booths and sometimes private offices too. As well as this, most co-working spaces, the largest being the American brand, WeWork, offer a community too complete with over-enthusiastic hipster community manager, happy to organise yoga on a Tuesday, networking events on a Thursday and drinking games on a Friday. Not only will you be getting out of your house, you’ll be sitting in a room brimming with productivity and free coffee and tea.

According to Officevibe, by the year 2020, 40% of the workforce will be freelancers, temps or independent contractors while the number of co-workers will rise to 3.8 million people worldwide by the same year. Let’s look at the advantages below.

  1. Having a place to go, that isn’t the sitting room/home office/kitchen (delete as applicable) – Spoken from experience sometimes there is nothing more depressing than getting up, leaving your bedroom, walking to the kitchen and starting your work. You won’t see anyone, so no point showering. According to the same study, after joining a co-working environment, 60% of workers are more relaxed at home. Home becomes a work free zone.
  2. Meeting and interacting with people – Whether you’re an extrovert or introvert, sometimes seeing and being around others can be the difference between a good and bad day. Sitting beside someone pounding away at their keyboard can be the much-needed motivation you need to start doing the same.
  3. Networking – Whether sitting in a room with 10 others or 100 others you are bound to find someone who can help you with your business, it could be marketing, I.T, HR, anything really and after just a couple of innocuous conversations beside the water cooler about your job and what you need, you may find yourself with a newly formed marketing, I.T, and HR department without even trying. How good is that?

For those slaving at home surrounded by house work and cooking utensils, co-working could be the break-away from monotony that you need. It may just reinvigorate you and your business but just be wary of one thing, everyone eats lunch at the same time, so bring forks!

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