Divorce lawyers in Sydney

Steps To Take When Looking For Divorce Lawyers

Divorce lawyers in Sydney
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Divorce lawyers in Sydney cover a range of issues that fall under the family banner. From child custody battles to visitation, de facto relationship separation and the annulment of marriage, their duties and responsibilities venture much farther than simply cases of divorce.


For a parent, guardian or individual who has split from their partner or spouse in recent times, one potential step is to engage legal services to seek protection or acquirement of assets. Whether it be spending time with a son or daughter or wanting control of something valuable, that party needs the right type of representation prior to any court battle or hearing.


Here is where we will examine the steps necessary to take when looking for divorce lawyers who will achieve the right outcome for you.



To understand if your solicitor has what it takes to take on your case with confidence, it is necessary to take note of their qualifications. Divorce lawyers will study and achieve their accreditation through all manner of universities and legal faculties and while that is a factor, their qualifications should also involve experience and expertise. How often have they been to court? What is their winning ratio? How often have they sought a deal? What is their reputation like in the local area? A client should be attempting to rule out as many red flags as possible when they run the rule over their representative in these family cases.


Your Budget


Quality divorce lawyers do not come cheap and their hourly rate or retainer could very well be out of your price range. For most people, a lengthy court battle is not only taxing to their emotional health and overall state of mind, it is too taxing to their bank account. Ensure that your solicitor is up front and transparent of all fees and pricing, with an agreement in writing the best means of avoiding those unwanted surprises.

Connection Between Client and Representative


Like with almost any interaction in life, the difference between good and great divorce lawyers can come down to a gut feeling – an interpretation as to who will genuinely be an ideal representative in a courtroom for you. Should their council not be heeded and if there is regular friction between the client (you) and the solicitor, then that would indicate that one party should recommend moving onto new pastures. There will be too much at stake to avoid taking action in this instance.

Referrals and Recommendations


Think about those that have vouched for your solicitor. Do they have a wide knowledge and understanding of the potential divorce lawyers who are in the market? Is there a family or friend relationship that would make them inherently biased? What other parties have experience with this professional and are their circumstances similar to those they will be facing today? These are issues that should be examined when shopping for a suitable solicitor because they will have been through the process before.




Do not simply ask divorce lawyers first hand whether or not they are worth your time. While family law is their field of expertise, they are also in the business of creating new business and they will be on the lookout for clients who fit the category of needing representation.


Those divorce lawyers that are worth your time over a custody battle or legal separation are those that tick all of the boxes. If you as the client have undertaken the right steps with researching their track record, their background, the right types of referrals and are up front on price, then you can be safe in the knowledge that due diligence has been done. The rest is simply left up to chance.