conveyancer in Campbelltown

What is the role of a conveyancer in Campbelltown?

A conveyancer in Campbelltown is critical in all property dealings be it the buying or selling of a home or commercial site. They are there to help with the settlement and transfer of the property ensuring that all of the legal obligations are met by their client and the other party. Regardless of which side of the transaction you are one, you will want to have an experienced conveyancer from Campbelltown there to help.

There are a number of tasks that a typical conveyancer in Campbelltown will perform.

Drawing up the documents

One of the primary roles of any conveyancer in Campbelltown is to prepare all of the legal documents that are required in the transfer of the property.


For those selling the property, there needs to be a contract of sale drawn up that includes any special conditions that the owner deems necessary. This is designed to protect them from any conflict following the sale. Secondly, there is the Vendor’s statement. This will be completed by your conveyancer in Campbelltown and includes all of the title and planning searches to ensure that all of the legal obligations have been met.


It is a little more straight forward for those who are buying the property. Their conveyancer from Campbelltown will just need to prepare the transfer documents that outline that the property has now been legally handed over. However, the need for a conveyancer from Campbelltown here is that there are still a number of laws that need to be ticked off.

Arranging Settlement

Arranging the final deals of the settlement can be strenuous as both parties want to ensure that they are getting the best deal. Having a conveyancer in Campbelltown there to help will make sure that everything runs smoothly.


The conveyancer from Campbelltown on the seller’s side will set a time and date aside to conduct the final settlement. This is originally laid out in the sale contract but is open to negotiation so that both parties are able to find the ideal time based on their schedules and current arrangement with the bank. Once everything is finalised, they will get in contact with the real estate agent to initiate a handing over of the keys.


The buyer’s conveyancer in Campbelltown will also play a role in coordinating a time for the final settlement. They will also get in contact with the buyer’s bank to ensure that the funds are ready to be paid, booking the settlement and providing the relevant account details. For those who are holding the funds themselves, these will need to be provided to the conveyancer from Campbelltown at least 24 hours prior to the settlement so that there is adequate time to transfer them to the seller.

Legal advice

There are so many ins and outs of property purchase and sale that having a professional there to help can make things run a lot more smoothly. You want to make sure that you are getting a fair go and you certainly don’t want to be committing an offence or being on the receiving end of one as it can make the whole process extremely difficult. Have a professional there will help to ensure that both parties are able to stay within the legal guidelines.

Additionally, having someone that has a detailed knowledge of the process and system in general should help to ease some of the stress and frustration that can arise from the back and forth discussions between parties. Relieving the stress will help you to make better decisions and ensure that the purchase or sale of the property doesn’t take over your whole life.