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6 Benefits for Having a Plan Manager Available

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) opens up a multitude of opportunities for members to engage their very own plan manager.

These financial representatives enter the equation when constituents need assistance managing their accounts in the short and long-term.

By connecting with these affiliates, it is possible to reduce stress and anxiety levels about monetary commitments while enjoying some added advantages in the process.

We will look at 6 reasons why constituents will hire their services and outline why they are essential for disabled individuals.  

1) Zero Cost Involved 

Given that plan manager services are funded separately from the NDIS agreement, it is not something that takes away money from the required support. This is peace of mind for constituents who are already on a tight budget and have to rationalise each investment, no matter the cost. If discussions are taking place around this subject, it is important to keep in mind that the operators are entirely subsidised in this setting to alleviate further financial pressure on the individual and the family. 

2) Handling All Bills & Financial Commitments 

Once a plan manager has been introduced to work on behalf of their client, they will be in a position to oversee the payment of all bills and handle all of their financial commitments. Especially for citizens who are living with a disability of some shape or form with a range of support services in place, it can be challenging to keep pace with the influx of invoices in this setting. By using these practitioners, these responsibilities will be handled on their behalf. 

3) Freedom to Select Any Representative 

Introducing these outsourced specialists becomes common sense for NDIS participants who want the freedom to pick a service provider that meets their demands. There are no long-term lock-contracts and no commitments that leave individuals feeling vulnerable. Should they decide to look for an alternative option, they will have complete freedom to explore those opportunities. 

4) Financial Strategy & Management 

Thanks to their expertise and insight, a plan manager won’t just look at the short-term but the bigger picture for the sake of the individual. What kind of cost saving measures can be put in place? What will be a better rate for a particular kind of support service? Are there mechanisms in place to maximise savings and ensure that costs are kept to a minimum? Utilising these operators will help to address those needs. 

5) Negotiate Support Service Pricing 

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Community members who operate as an NDIS affiliated client won’t have the knowledge or expertise around what disability service support looks like across the market. What prices are expected and what is an inflated fee that doesn’t offer true value? The good news is that a plan manager does have the answer to these questions as they negotiate better fees and better rates for the benefit of the client. 

6) Monetary Autonomy & Remote Access 

NDIS members do not have to hand over all control to a plan manager regarding the money they can use and access. With the introduction of apps and card systems, constituents can access their money when they need it from any number of remote locations. This is ideal for people who want to be able to branch out and enjoy their savings without needing to work through additional red tape and third parties. 

There are clear advantages to having an authorised plan manager available to help NDIS members to manage their accounts and their financial responsibilities. By opening a conversation with a centre and seeing what they have to offer, there is no reason not to lean on their expertise and resources. 

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