Factors To Consider When Buying Second Hand Balls

Factors To Consider When Buying Second Hand Balls

Are you a lover of golf and considering purchasing second-hand golf balls to save cost? Then let’s guide you. We are sure you are pretty aware of how expensive this sport is. Prices of equipment needed for this sport are primarily high. And speaking of a golf ball, a lot of money is spent on buying new ones.

Second-hand golf balls aren’t such a bad idea as the difference between brand new and used golf balls is simply the very first swing. The moment it’s out on the field, it’s no longer fresh, and spending so much acquiring them is unnecessary. The used ones are convenient as they perform almost the same function as the new ones.

It is also essential to buy the right type of these used spheres. They are of different styles and are pretty similar in appearance. Not focusing just on how inexpensive they are, other factors too need to be put into consideration when buying second-hand golf balls.

Not to worry, we have done just that. This article highlights certain factors to be looked out for before purchasing used equipment.

  • Compression

Before you purchase second hand golf balls, it’s essential to check their reaction to the density of the club. High compression equipment has a more rigid feel, unlike lower ones that are softer. You decide which kind is more suitable based on your expertise and level in the game field.

  • Durability

Be sure to get one that is just right for you as a player. The shots and so much more change when different balls are fired. When obtaining second-hand golf balls, avoid getting fragile ones.

It should be durable and not one that gets damaged easily. Though they can be lost or destroyed on the course, if you can retrieve them, you enjoy the same precision of shots during your game.

  • Spin

Second hand balls

Like the new ones, second-hand golf balls are grouped into high, mid, or low spins. When choosing, go for one that suits you and your kind of game. It should be able to perform all spins. Either the backspin or side spin, get a piece of equipment that can be directed and sent a far distance.

  • Composition And Materials.

The materials of these golfing spheres are essential to look out for. This affects how it spins, bounces and flies. One of the best compositions is silicone or rubber. So try to purchase these or perhaps other high-quality compounds.


You’ve considered the margin of always purchasing a new, expensive ball to just getting second-hand golf balls. Not so bad an idea as there isn’t much impact to be felt differentiating the two. But to make your decision more effective, you should obtain it rightly.

Ensure you go for something durable, well-composed, and meets your demand on the game course. Buying things you can easily damage makes them as expensive as brand new ones if they constantly need replacing.

To ease your worries about which kinds are best, we have compiled factors to look out for before getting one. With this, be guaranteed you’ll get a ball that will last and serve you well.

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