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Important Facts For Women Visiting An Abortion Clinic in Sydney

Women who book in for a consultation to their local abortion clinic in Sydney such as Clinic 66, do so under the most trying of circumstances.

When they are burdened with an unwanted pregnancy, they are thrust into a situation that is highly stressful where fear and anxiety can take hold over their wellbeing.

This is where it is vital for women of all ages to know what these practices in the city offer, what they are entitled to and how they operate.

Time to take stock of their expertise and remove the doubt and confusion about their services.

The Practice is Legal Under Most Circumstances

Technically speaking, the act of carrying out an abortion is illegal in NSW. It has been the law of the land dating back as far as the year 1900. However, what changes this scenario for women looking to visit and receive crucial services through an abortion clinic in Sydney are provisions to that law. This includes the physical and mental health of the individual being diagnosed by a doctor, as well as any economic or social elements that can influence the decision. A professional clinic environment will ensure that any such procedure is carried out in a completely legal manner, avoiding a punishment that carries up to 10 years imprisonment.

Set Terms and Guidelines Adhered To

The most fundamental element that doctors adhere to within an abortion clinic in Sydney is time. How far along is the woman with the pregnancy? Up until the 12-week period during the first trimester, the procedure is relatively straightforward. During the second trimester is when complications occur between 12 to 27 weeks. Third trimester abortions very rarely occur unless the doctor deems that the life of the woman is under genuine threat. These are the essential guidelines that specialists work under, making their recommendations on a week-to-week basis.

Offering Up To Date Medical Options

There are a number of different options that will be presented by a specialist at an abortion clinic in Sydney. This will including carrying the child to term with a partner, doing so as a single parent, opting for adoption or to terminate the pregnancy. The length of the pregnancy will be one key factor but the woman will be given time to assess the positives and negatives of each avenue depending on their circumstances.

Giving The Woman The Decision

Ultimately it is the woman who decides on what is best within the setting of an abortion clinic in Sydney. Only under very rare circumstances where a doctor cannot proceed due to any physical, mental, economic or social reasons will that prevent the procedure from occurring. There have been events whereby the woman wishes to carry to term even amid the risk of having her life in jeopardy or in the knowledge that the child will live with a disability or deformity.

Bringing Loved Ones Into The Fold

One of the methods that specialists will use when women book in and see a doctor within an abortion clinic in Sydney is looking to bring loved ones into the fold. This is a maneuver not designed to influence their decision making process or to put undue pressure on their shoulders, but simply to be present for emotional support.


Women don’t have to travel far to come across conjecture and hearsay about how an abortion clinic in Sydney will operate. Despite these dangerous and unfounded misconceptions, help is at hand. Each outlet is led by a collection of compassionate and experienced professionals who cater to women’s reproductive health needs, so the sooner they are engaged, the sooner participants can make an educate decision.