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Things To Consider Before Installing A Hardwood Timber Floor

The installation of a hardwood timber floor is a great way to add a sense of luxury and style to your space. Having said that, these floor coverings are not suitable for everyone, and there are factors that must be considered before deciding to install a hardwood timber floor. Today we’ll be exploring those factors so you can accurately assess whether this option is right for your home.

The Climate Where You Live

The first thing you need to think about before installing a hardwood timber floor is the climate that you live within. Climates that are too wet or humid can create havoc for your hardwood timber floor if it isn’t installed correctly and wild fluctuations in temperature are not a good look. There are ways around this, of course, but you cannot put precautions in place if you’re not sure what you’re up against so you should always assess your climate before making any decisions. 

The Room Within Your Home

The next thing you’re going to need to consider is which room of your home you’re looking to install a hardwood timber floor in. Bathrooms, for example, are a big no no, but the superior natural finish of these floor coverings can really uplift a master suite. Unfortunately, when it comes to areas of the home where you’ll often have water everywhere, there really is no way to safely install a hardwood timber floor, however, they can be suited to most other areas.

The Way You Want Your Room To Feel

The type of floor covering that you choose will have a significant impact on how your room feels so it’s important to consider these before making any decisions. If luxury is your goal you’re onto a winner but if you’re after a more industrial feel, for example, you’ll need to select your shade of wood carefully. 

The Grade Of Wood

Speaking of wood shades, you’ll also need to think about wood grades. Different grades of hardwood timber floor will provide different finishes within your home so you’ll need to think about this when making your selection. Higher grades of wood do tend to be more expensive, however, the superior finish is often worth it unless you’re specifically going for a distressed look.

The Finishing Or Staining You’d Prefer

Finishes and stains aren’t just for appearance, although that’s certainly a large part of why they’re applied. A hardwood timber floor needs to be sealed in order to prevent damage from everyday life so finding a finish that offers protection, as well as the stain that you would prefer, should be a priority. 

Your Budget

We touched on budget a little above in terms of the grade of wood that you would like your hardwood timber floor to be made out of but as this is a rather expensive flooring option, it’s important to be aware of how this will affect your budget. You’ll certainly get your money’s worth (the saying you get what you pay for applies in this scenario) however, it may mean that you have to save up a little longer before beginning your project so you don’t end up stuck half way through.

The Condition Of Your Subfloors

Finally, if your subfloors are not in suitable condition for a new hardwood timber floor to be laid, repairs or replacements will be required. This often doesn’t become apparent until work has already begun so be sure to have a buffer in case you need it.

Now that you know what to consider, all that’s left to do is decide whether a hardwood timber floor is right for you.

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