woman with a black curly hair

Things to Know About Getting a Digital Perm in Sydney

Have you been thinking about getting a digital perm Sydney? They’re definitely rising in popularity and it’s easy to see why.


A digital perm Sydney gives you the ability to transform your straight, boring hair into flowing and beautiful locks. If you’re someone who’s looking for a change and need some more curls in their life, a digital perm in Sydney is a great way to go.


However, there are a few things to keep in mind before you rush of to get new permanent waves. Let’s take a look at some of the top things you should know before getting a digital perm in Sydney.


They restructure your hair with heat

Generally speaking, permanent waves are a hair treatment that works to create permanent waves or curls. Typically, this will involve the use of hat in order to force the hair to take on a permanent shape.


A digital perm in Sydney means that you will get both a heat and chemical treatment to your hair. The chemicals work to restructure each stand of your hair so that a hot rod can be used to curl it.


After this, more chemicals are used to lock your hair into that specific form. The ideal result will be curly, wavy hair that you will not need to maintain for at least a year.


It’s an investment

If you’re adamant about getting a digital perm in Sydney, remember that it is an investment on multiple levels. First of all the treatment can take a long time to complete because the stylist will be paying extra close attention to your hair strands.


Due to the increase in time, chemicals and energy than with traditional treatments, a digital perm in Sydney will normally cost more. Normally it will have a starting value that is changed depending on the length and thickness of your hair.


Not for all types of hair

People hair comes in all different shapes, thicknesses and lengths so there’s no way to guarantee one hair treatment will work for everyone. This is no different when it comes to digital perms in Sydney.


The majority of these jobs will last for about a year so they aren’t recommended for people who will change their mind quickly. Normally, the treatment is used on thin, straight hair that is similar to most Asians as the treatment was first developed in Japan.


The treatment may also not be good if you have badly damaged hair that has not regrown yet. The chemicals applied by this treatment can aggravate existing problems in your hair.


More natural looking results

Compared to other types of permanent wave treatments, a digital perm in Sydney will look much better. The curls will look much more naturally vibrant and full than if they were done with a cold hair treatment.


If you’re sick of your straight looking hair and would rather get a look at seems as though you’ve spent half the day with curling irons, then this treatment is perfect for you.


Will need some maintenance

While getting a digital perm in Sydney might seem like dealing with all of your hair worries, there are actually some areas where you will need to maintain the look. Due to the heat and restructuring used on the hair, some people may notice some extra fizziness.


Anti-frizz sprays and creams are always going to be useful. A keratin-boosting hair product will also be useful to help bring out the shine in the new hairstyle.


Because this treatment will use different chemicals to help structure your hair it is worth investing in some general hair care products to counterbalance any damage that is done.