What is an Arborist Report in Sydney?

In this day and age, there seems to be more building present than there is greenery and nature. While this may not seem that bad, this can have serious implications and can even begin to negatively impact human health. Because of this, there are many people out there who are fighting to ensure that there is an equal amount of buildings to plants out there. Because of this, people are not able to simply cut down trees in their property. This can be annoying for some people because they are wanting to remove an item in order to complete a renovation or a build. Others may simply prefer the look for a clear area and they won’t want to clean up after leaves and branches that fall.

While this is all good and well, people also have a duty to protect the environment as well as ensure that they receive council approval when they are wanting to remove something. One of the best things to do in this case is to organize a professional arborist report Sydney.


An arborist report in Sydney is often required by councils in order to have a tree removed

What some people out there may not know is that they are not able to simply remove a tree on their property whenever they feel like it. There are many good reasons for this and one of which is the fact that Australians need to protect the environment as well as native animals and trees that are in danger of becoming extinct. Trees provide oxygen as well as house many animals and insects so it is imperative that as many of them are kept intact as possible. Having said this, it isn’t always possible. There could be dangerous branches that are hanging over buildings or that are becoming dangerously close to power lines. In other instances, they may be too close to fence lines and so are in danger of taking out a fence or falling onto a neighbour’s property. In some other cases, there may be some kind of pest present which is at risk of harming the other greenery on the property.


The good news is that if someone wishes to have something removed, or even if they wish to simply check the health of an item, they can simply organize an arborist report. An arborist report can also be passed on to the local council who will then give the approval or disapproval about removing the item.


An arborist report is able to give in-depth information about a tree

When people contact a professional company to organize an arborist report, they will be receiving everything there is to possibly know about a tree. The report will include everything from the species, to the height, to the trunk size, to the age, as well as much more. People will be able to find out if the item is in good health or not and how likely it is that the item will fall in the near future.

In some cases, people will provide this information to their council and they won’t be granted approval to remove the item but they will instead be granted an approval to trim the item or to cut off a few branches. While this may not be the ideal outcome for some, they can simply work with an architect to figure out how to build around the item so that the home still looks great, all while the environment is protected. After all, it takes years and year to grow a healthy tree.