Windy Conditions And Australian Football

As far as Australian football is considered, windy conditions can pose its own challenges. Given the fact that Australian Football is played in the largest field compared to other football games, windy conditions can bring in extra challenges. Here the field has oval shape. Since long kicking is an important aspect of the game windy conditions can play spoilsport or can influence the game significantly. Here in this article, we are going to look at the things you need to keep in mind as a football when you have to deal with windy weather.

Wind can seriously hamper the pace of the ball. Ball might fall short. So where you mark is very important. You have to come forward to tackle the ball. When you are prepared for this, you will find it easy to deal with the ball.

But there are high chances for the ball to fly over the pack as well in case of forceful wind. You can check NRL news and rumours about this. Players have to be prepared for this as well. You need to gauge the force of the wind to make an accurate prediction.

Direction of the wind is really important here. Ball can swing in various directions as well. One has to consider this as well.

It is important to reduce the impact of the wind on the ball as much as possible. As a player, you will be focusing on this aspect more. The key is to not let the wind has the upper hand. It is important to have the control of the game in your hand.

Aiming is an important factor here. When you kick the ball into the wind, you need to aim to keep the ball low. On the other hand, you need to kick the ball as high as possible when you with kick with the wind. Here you are trying to take the advantage of the force of the wind. This is really helpful for you to move the ball as far as possible. Your strategy is what defines the game.

The player has to avoid the movement of the ball sideways. Cross wind can be really challenging.

Depending on the scenarios you have been forced to deal with, you may go with either drop punt or torpedo punt. A skilled player knows how to apply these techniques at the right moment.

Another thing to keep in mind is that there needs to have good contact with the ball. Again, this can be done with a strategic approach.

football player running

So far we have discussed about how windy weather affects Australian football. It can indeed be a spoilsport. It is also about how you deal with it. If you consider the effect of wind on the ball, you can strategize accordingly to bring out the best results. An experienced player knows how to manipulate the wind to derive best results. In other words, you may turn this into an opportunity.  You need to follow the tips we have shared in this article. Experience will be the biggest teacher. Keep practicing during the windy season and you will learn to turn adverse situation into your advantage.