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Advice For Clients Dealing With Builders in WA

Dealing with Collier Homes, builders in WA can provide a multifaceted challenge for clients who want their project delivered on time and within budget.

Amid all of the names that are promoted in the region, it can be a tough exercise to pick out a practitioner who fits the bill.

This is where some sound advice is worthwhile to take onboard, learning from the mistakes of previous homeowners who opted for convenience over diligence.

Know The Project Inside Out

Confusion and deliberation are two elements that clients don’t want to include when dealing directly with builders in WA. If it takes a matter of weeks or months to draw up a blueprint before engaging with these specialists, then that will be time that will be well invested. Once a decision has been made on a location, a size and a style – that should be the framework moving forward. It is helpful to have one or two contingencies in case of emergency, from types of wood to positioning of the windows, but the central project should be accepted and understood before opening talks.

Engage a Local


Those builders in WA who know the unique terrain and market conditions within Western Australia are best placed to service the needs of constituents. Certain specialists will be new to the area and while they can still bring their expertise to the table, it will be the local practitioner who has those connections and relationships with partners and wholesalers who can fast track the process. These experts tend to have a stronger investment in their community reputation than newcomers as a rule, so it is advised to source a brand with Western Australian credentials.

Know The Builder Credentials and Portfolio

Vetting builders in WA will likely take more than just a quick online check, although that is a worthwhile starting point. Examine how they fair on industry based websites in the region, reactions and feedback published on social media, and any recommendations or referrals passed on by WA building associations. Should they have a website or social media account, it will likely include a portfolio of previous works. Clients are advised to select candidates that match the style of their own design, ensuring that they have a framework to lean on. Some operators can easily switch between different sizes and styles, ranging from intimate townhouse extensions to large apartment blocks. Whatever their history is, it is vital that the customer has vetted their credentials.

Source Suitable Payment Plan


No single payment plan offered by builders in WA will cater to all types of homeowners. Some constituents will be able to pay a lump sum and ensure that the project has been paid for ahead of time. Others will prefer scheduling and staggering the payments based on key dates or completions within the project itself, offering a further incentive to carry out the task on schedule. No client should feel pressured or obligated to fast track payments or make unusual arrangements that include cash transactions. Those examples should raise a red flag for homeowners.

Get a 2nd and 3rd Opinion

Acquiring multiple quotes from builders in WA should be the best tactic for clients that want to get a feel for the market. Often the initial contact will be a referral from a friend or family member who has a connection, but that will not be indicative of their quality or suitability. Speak to a second, third, fourth and fifth candidate about their offerings, their pricing policy and approach to the project. That knowledge of the industry will provide a stronger bargaining position when dealing with the top candidate.


Before singing off on a legally binding contract with a team of builders in WA, it is worthwhile taking stock of these steps to ensure that the client has done their homework. A number of homeowners can feel shortchanged, whether that is due to a legitimate complaint, through a lack of communication or because of a preconception where the initial plan did not provide a particular end result. Avoid that scenario altogether by adhering to these proven methods.