Re-thinking your lunch

It’s coming up to 12.30, you’ve stepped away from your desk only once this morning and your stomach is rumbling, thinking about that Chinese dish you’re going to devour at lunch. But that report you said you’d finish by the end of the day is staring back at you from your computer screens. “Stay, complete me”, it’s saying.

But you leave, no work is going to make you stay. Lunch is bought and now the big choice, where are you going to eat it? You try to fight all urge, but 5 minutes later you find yourself back at your desk, with a fork in one hand, typing one key at a time with the other, and a mouth full of beef and black bean sauce while your phone balances in the space between your ear and raised shoulder, making you look especially weird today. This isn’t how lunch was intended to be had. Go outside, enjoy your moments of freedom and don’t come back until you must.

Up to 80% of workers are said to eat lunch at their desk but just how much productivity can be gained by staying there? Studies have shown that by staying at your desk, you will not only get less done, but you will also be more likely to gain excess weight and increase stress. In other words, your work will suffer and so will your health, a trade-off that shouldn’t be considered.

Going for a lunch can be fun. It can give you the chance to get some exercise, catch up on all the exciting Instagram stories of your friends sitting at their desks, or who knows, it may even give you the chance to make some new connections in your workplace by chatting to someone from I.T who you have never seen before. Most of us work in the city, go and explore it, who knows what you might see, or who you might see, that celebrity in town for a gig, or a friend you haven’t seen in years. The possibilities are endless.

So next time, you get the usual from the Chinese counter, step out of default mode and do something new, not only will you feel better for it but you’ll be working you’ll be 100x more likely to see Beyoncé strolling down the street.


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