When a Spouse Should Look to Engage Child Custody Lawyers

Child custody lawyers from Unified Lawyers are included in cases that are less than ideal.

Young sons and daughters are always innocent bystanders when a relationship is destroyed, and the battle for custody can only prolong that agony.

Whilst adults will be debating the merits of seeking legal aid, there are genuine risks that will be present for all parties.

The longer they are left unsolved, the greater the struggle will become.

Time to take stock of the value of child custody lawyers and understanding when a spouse should use their services.

When The Spouse Doesn’t Know Rights or Entitlements

Average citizens by and large don’t have an in-depth understanding of the law. This is perfectly understandable as it takes years of education and training to reach the mark of child custody lawyers. By hiring their services and leaning on their advice, a spouse can ascertain what their rights are and what they are entitled to. When heterosexual relationships break down and kids are involved, there is a default belief that the mother is entitled to full and complete custody, but that is an opinion that removes all context that could very well alter that judgment. It is important for individuals to use a specialist solicitor and actually gauge what they are entitled to and what actions they are allowed to take legally speaking.

When The Ex-Partner Has Representation


The most obvious rationale behind speaking with child custody lawyers is that a former partner has already acquired their services. This will be a time when they are receiving counsel, understanding what rights they are entitled to, what maneuvers they can make to protect their assets and what leverage they hold over their spouse when entering into mediation for a potential joint custody agreement. There is no need to forfeit that privilege and accept terms on face value when an experienced practitioner is close by to fight their corner.

If The Children’s Well-being Is Under Threat

There is nothing more frightening than the wellbeing of the children being under threat, whether that involves physical and mental abuse or outright neglect on behalf of one of the parents. Child custody lawyers have to be brought into the equation to issue restraining orders and work to file charges if there are instances of child abuse or domestic violence. Their first duty as professionals is to ensure their safety and wellbeing, forgoing other details that can be negotiated at a later junction.

When Events and Circumstances Are In Flux

If a spouse remarries, moves interstate or overseas, if the son or daughter moves away or is taken under foster care, they are all examples where a spouse needs to rely on the expertise of experienced child custody lawyers. A separation after a marriage or long-term relationship is rarely a cut and dried scenario where everyone can move on with their lives in a friendly and amicable fashion. This is where solicitors are able to understand the events and offer their counsel on actions that will limit their client’s exposure to risk and improve their status financially speaking.

When Support Payments Need To Be Established or Enforced

Child support payments and alimony are ruled upon by local courts under specific sets of circumstances. Both parents have the responsibility to raise and support their son or daughter and in these settings it is worthwhile having the professional guidance of child custody lawyers to establish and enforce these transactions. They can take onboard the facts of the case, gauge what their income levels are and the valuation of assets before agreeing to terms that are just and fair.