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Benefits of Investing in a Quality Dust Extractor

Commercial operators who are left to manage a busy warehouse environment are regularly referred to the use of a quality Con-Treat dust extractor.

From the agriculture sector to major pharmaceutical chains and metal developers, they need to ensure that their operating space is maintaining the highest level of integrity possible.

To achieve that marker, they need to invest in modern technology courtesy of an extractor.

Improved Employee Satisfaction Levels = Improved Productivity

When workers are happy and satisfied with their working conditions, they will boost their levels of productivity. Extensive studies across various fields have reached a similar conclusion and the same principles apply when an enterprise invests in a suitable Con-Treat dust extractor to improve the air quality.

Lowering Risk of Health and Safety Incidents

There is usually one element that comes to mind when applying a dust extractor to a commercial space – dust. Yet these items do more than removing these particles that are present anywhere and everywhere. These locations where warehouses are operating at high capacity are often at risk of omitting toxic chemicals, gases and contaminants that risk the health and safety of individuals in these settings. It is not until a specialist arrives on site with the technology to read the air level quality until it becomes clear the threats that exist within these locations.

Protecting Integrity of Stock and Supplies

dust extractor

There are goods that are manufactured, designed and developed from the early phases until completion within a warehouse environment and at every stanza, they risk being contaminated and compromised. The use of a reliable dust extractor will mitigate against this risk to minimize the spread of these elements coming into contact with the goods. Brands can suffer irreparable damage if they are sending items out that are indeed contaminated, forcing added pressure on their reverse logistics division.

Lowering Operating Costs

If the stock is indeed protected under these situations courtesy of a quality dust extractor, then it will limit the need to run repairs and offer replacements on faulty goods. There is no item anywhere on the commercial spectrum that won’t be impacted in some shape or form by exposure to dust and debris, even if it is only a cosmetic issue when left on packaging. That will increase the costs exponentially for the enterprise as they have to pay for their own mistakes and oversight.

Improves Business Practices

There is a PR benefit for companies that invest in these products, ensuring that the health and safety of their employees is an asset that can be communicated to consumers, stakeholders and other interested parties. If an outlet can communicate to constituents that they follow through on best practice procedures on a subject as niche as controlling and managing nearby air quality, that can be an attribute when messaging a brand around astute commercial behaviours.

Adhering To Industry Laws

There are internal motivations for corporations to invest in a quality dust extractor for their environment, but there are also external pressures that have to be identified. These will come in the form of industry laws that are instigated by state and federal governments respectively. If the air quality is deemed unsatisfactory and dangerous for participants exposed to the space, the organisation can be facing strict penalties, fines and sanctions that cripples the business.


It is important for manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and other businesses that work in large warehouse environments to consider what brand and model of dust extractor will suit their needs best. If they engage a proven provider in the market, they will be able to source an outlet that will handle all of the installation and maintenance needs whilst supplying a comprehensive warranty to insure the item for many years to follow.